Tell Better Stories.

Grow a Loyal Following.

Make More Sales.

Storytelling is the most timeless skill you can master. Unlike crappy AI-powered content, a powerful story can set you apart from your competition, grow a loyal following, and make sales easier.

People don't want to work with a brand. They want to work with a human being.

People are drawn to a great story.

In this laser-focused workshop, I share 7 proven story-telling structures to master in your marketing and show you exactly where and how to use them for maximum effectiveness.

Here's what we'll cover in the workshop:

7 Storytelling Structures to master in your marketing.

The most effective place to put your stories depending on the customer journey.

The appropriate amount of depth and vulnerability for maximum effectiveness.

How to find powerful story ideas no matter how boring your life seems.

Hey, my name is Cody Burch and I love telling stories.

When I started my digital marketing agency in 2017 the first skill I invested in (both time and money) was storytelling.


I didn't want to be a "generic digital marketing guy".

I wanted to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So I bought courses, workshops, and coaches who taught me timeless storytelling principles.

Then I got to work.

Since getting started online, I've told thousands of stories through my podcast (409+ episodes), daily emails (1,000+), events, workshops, and webinars.

I tell stories in sales presentations, in Facebook Ads, on webinars, in workshops, from the stage, on a podcast... you name it.

I've never met a problem or objection in my business that couldn't be solved with a well-told story.

That is what I'm teaching in the workshop.

7 Story Structures to Master In Your Marketing.

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Here's What We're Covering:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this workshop about?

I'm sharing the 7 Story Structures to Master in Your Marketing. You'll learn how to tell these stories and exactly how to use them in your business.

What do you know about storytelling?

I've had a lot of practice. I've told thousands of stories over the years in every scenario. I've put in the reps and people ask me about it all the time. So I'm finally teaching it.

Why are stories important?

A.I. has made it easy to create a crap-ton of mediocre, anonymous content. But if you can learn how to tell better stories you'll stand out, attract your crowd and make easier sales.

What else do I need to buy?

Answer Body

Backed by a 100% money back guarantee

If you don't love what you learn in the workshop, just let me know within 7 days and I will gladly refund your investment and let you keep the workshop anyways.



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101 Email Subject Lines + Story Ideas

101 Story Ideas From Cody's Story Library

Never run out of ideas for stories again with this swipe file of 101 subject lines and story ideas from Cody's actual email strategy. (not some cheap AI stand-in) 
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